Zwei wildgewordene Milfs kmpfen um einen Schwanz

Zwei wildgewordene Milfs kmpfen um einen Schwanz
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Gamer – approaches tons of girls, gets rejected a ton. Finally gets a hot lead, works it for hours. Gets a good lay at the end.
Wiseman spent 3 hours.
Gamer spent 1 week.
I just got back from 2 months in Thailand and spent the last three weeks exclusively with one fun Thai hooker and got the true GFE. The problem is I’ve now fallen in love with her big time.. This is heartbreaking because I k ow it’s almost certain to be a doomed relationship from what I’ve read so rather than send her money I’ve now broken up with her.
Did I do the right thing?
All I can think about is moving to Thailand and looking after her.. (FYI we were the same age and made a good looking couple, we not only hung out and has sex but went travelling together to parts of Thailand she had never been during which time I did not pay for her services apart from the flights/ accommodation etc. I think we complemented each other well)
Or am I just another Farrang idiot ?
5 December, 2015 Reply.
As a general rule of thumb, bar girls don’t make the best girlfriends or wives given all the information out there.If you did decide to give it a shot, keep in mind that you would be funding all her lifestyle, and once money stops coming in, things can go sour.
It’s better to have loved and lost, than to never have loved at all.
5 December, 2015 Reply.
If you want to suit her long term, are you ok with her continuing to do what she was doing before you met her?
I think I’ve banging the hell out of that girl since you left. Don’t worry, she’s in very capable hands…
I like to be spanked. What’s the spanking scene like in Thailand.
I’ve had numerous experiences with the “fun hookers” as well as the “not so fun hookers” as well as dating (and eventually marrying) a “normal” (not pro) Thai girl.
General rules I have used/learned;
1- Only go with girls from a reputable establishment. Eg bar girls (BGs or girls in a massage parlour) Freelancers are too risky and if she scams you/robs you, you haven’t got a leg to stand on. Don’t be a cheapy-charlie, bar fines really aren’t much compared to losing your passport, wallet, phone or worse.
2- Build up a rapport with a girl, if she is friendly and worth your time, you’ll pick up on that pretty quickly. If she isn’t, move on. A fun and friendly chick is more likely to negotiate and give you the GF experience. A not so fun one will lay there like a bag of rice, telling you to hurry up and bust your nut so she can leave.
3- Don’t crap in your own backyard (go with girls from bars in your immediate neighbourhood)
4- Learn some of the language. Even pros can appreciate you making an effort to learn her language and is more likely to give you the GFE. Thai BGs love to talk and knowing even just a couple of phrases in their language will make you stand out a mile in her eyes.
5- Agree on a price before you bar fine her. If you think shes charging too much, move on.
6- Leading back to point 3, don’t go with multiple girls from the same bar/who know each other unless all parties are comfortable with it. You might just be a 2 week tourist but these girls have to work together every day and that could create all sorts of tension and we all know how love-scorned Thai women can act, even if theyre pros. Play it safe and go with girls from different bars.
7- Don’t fall in love with any pro (no brainer really). If you start to get feelings for one, pinch it in the bud and stop seeing her. Don’t be a jerk, lead her on or play with her emotions as well as your own.
8- Only give them your phone number/line ID/facebook if you plan to hear from them again. They WILL call or message you telling you they miss you (even if they are one of the aforementioned not-fun pros!). If they get clingy, call or message too much or start asking for sick buffalo money- cut them off and block them.
9- Treat them with respect, don’t be lazy/rude/loutish and always keep your game on. Like any women, Thai BGs want to be around someone who makes them feel good, makes them laugh and is polite to them. I’ve seen way too many farang creeps treating BGs terribly, talking down at them and bossing them about simply because they’re pros and can get away with it.
Treat them like any date you would back in your country, show some respect and courtesy and they will reward you for it!
12 September, 2016 Reply.
All great points and advice, I hope many people read this.

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