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(Giles Milton, Nathaniel’s Nutmeg . Penguin Books, 1999/2000.)
1526: Founding of the Mogul Dynasty in India.
1526: Europeans by now have sighted the northern coasts of New Guinea. Spaniard Capt. Alvaro deSaavedra Ceron who believes there exists an Island of Gold somewhere southwest of New Guinea in 1528 tries to find an eastward route (from the Malaccas?) across the Pacific (to Mexico?). Headwinds forced him back. He died at sea in 1529.
(Estensen, Discovery: The Quest for the Great South Land )
1526AD: Babur (descendant of Mongol ruler Genghis Khan and of Tamerlane), first Mogul emperor, invades India.
1526AD: Hungary: In 1526 King Louis Jagiello meets defeat and death against the Turkish army of Sultan Suleyman the Magnificent at the battle of Mohacs (near Belgrade). Half of Hungary now pays homage to the Turks and the rest was absorbed into the Austro-Hungarian Empire, which lasted until the First World War.
1526: Hungary: Decisive attack of the Turks. After occupying two of Hungary’s southern bastions, the Turkish Sultan Suleiman II (1496-1566) launched a large-scale offensive with a well-equipped army of eighty thousand in the summer of 1526. The Hungarian forces, led by Louis II, barely consisted of twenty thousand men who were poorly armed in comparison to the Turkish army. The decisive battle was fought at Mohбcs by the Danube river and ended with the annihilation of the Hungarian army. Fifteen thousand were killed in the battle, and the king himself died on the battlefield. This event was one of the tragic turning points in Hungarian history, and its efforts were felt for centuries to come. The territorial unity of medieval Hungary, together with its independence, were lost.
1525: April: Spain: A fleet of seven ships under Garcia Jofre de Loaisa sails from La Coruna in Northern Spain. Flagship is Santa Maria de la Victoria . Sailing the Atlantic for Straits of Magellan and into the Pacific. One ship was wrecked on a shore. Another disappeared entirely. Another sailed home. Four ships got into the Pacific but never saw each other again. One ship got to the Philippines, where the crew was killed or enslaved. The flagship got to Tidore, where crew fought the Portuguese for eight years. In 1527, Charles V directed Cortes as governor of New Spain (Mexico), to send three ships to find Loaisa’s ships or men. This 1527 expedition was commanded by Alvaro Saavedra de Ceron, to be lost near the Marshall Islands in the Pacific. Saavedra attempted to return home to Mexico via the north coast of New Guinea, he died, and his crew returned to Tidore.
(Estensen, Discovery: The Quest for the Great South Land )
1525: The Portuguese governor of the Moluccas sends from the Indonesian island Ternate an expedition (for gold or for diplomatic explorations) led by Diogo de Rocha and pilot Gomes de Sequeira. They possibly reached the western Caroline Islands before homing to Ternate. Sequeira later sailed the Arafura Sea and possibly sighted the islands today known as Bathurst, Melville and Croker, the Coburg Peninsula, Wessel Island and Prince of Wales Island. If so, he was the first European discoverer of North-Western Australia.
(Estensen, Discovery: The Quest for the Great South Land )
1525: Maritime history: Two voyages of Gomes de Sequeira.
1524: Italian explorer Giovanni da Verrazano arrives in France to report on his New World discoveries, which include (what is later seen as) New York’s bay.
1524: (Reported 30 July 2002: Mexico City: A manuscript dated 23 September 1524 has been found at Mexico’s National Library of Anthropology and History, detailing the takeover of Mexico by Spanish conquistador Hernando Cortes.
1524: Maritime history: Junta of Badajoz. Voyages of Verrazano and Loaysia.
1523: More to come.
1522: Maritime history: Voyage of Cristovao de Mendonca with three ships leaving Malacca for a voyage south from the west coast of Sumatra. He returns with one ship only. (Legends exist that one or more of ships visited some coastline of Australia.) Later he is appointed governor of island of Hormuz in Persian Gulf region.
(Estensen, Discovery: The Quest for the Great South Land )
November, 1521, Magellan’s ships reach the Indonesian spice islands, the Moluccas. This severely annoys the already-resident Portuguese on the spice islands.
(Giles Milton, Nathaniel’s Nutmeg . Penguin Books, 1999/2000.)
1521: Magellan rounds Cape Horn, on his way to the Moluccas Islands, Indonesia, which were far further west than he had imagined.
1521: Died 1521, Ferdinand Magellan , in the Philippines, where he attempted to convert local natives at gunpoint. He is killed by natives using iron-pointed bamboo spears and scimitars.
Magellan’s crew once sold a cargo of 26 tons of cloves for 10,000 times its original cost – a good example of the mercantilist’s hopes of buying cheap and selling dear. Magellan by now has discovered Tierra del Fuego, but it is not known for a century that the area is an island, not part of a major land mass.
1521-1522: New Zealand: Possible deposition of The Ruapuke wreck , reputed to be a New Zealand version of Australia’s mahogany ship enigma at Warnambool. As referred to by K.G McIntyre in The Secret Discovery of Australia (pp. 281-284 of the original hardback edition) as possibly the second of Cristavao de Mendonca’s caravels to come to grief in his venture of 1521-22. Evidence cited includes the Tamil Bell and the Wellington Helmet. Since the publication of Gavin Menzies’ book 1421 on the claimed world-discovery trip of the Chinese, it is suggested that the Tamil Bell might be an artefact left by the Chinese, who were familiar with Ceylon at the time.

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Most centralLondon street prostitutes inhabit around King's Cross and Tottenham Court Road,but London is a big place and the type who have their own houses (so called"in-call") can be situated anywhere. These streetwalker girls can befound mostly at night time and they are asking for ?20 – ?30 for a oralperformance and some girls offer sex for as little ?30. If you find a girlgiving a full service with ?30, you will be quite sure that she is not a supermodel.
Street walkers inLondon don't necessary wear any prostitute-look-alike clothes. Making eyecontact should work though.
The followingareas have also sometimes streetwalker action in London:
Shacklewell Lanein Dalston.
Queen's Drive,full service costs usually around ?40.
Bayswater area hasmostly South American and Asian street girls.
Seven Sisters Roadin Finsbury Park, Northern London.
Some areas inHackney.
Some areas nearPaddington.
Little bit streetsex action in some parts of Shoreditch.
Brixton Hill, youcannot always even recognize here which ones are working girls.
Sussex Gardens,mostly Eastern European women.
Occasionally fewstreet hookers may be spotted around Shepherd's Market in Mayfair.
Close to EdgwareRoad, uphill. East European girls.
Romford Road,between E15 and E7.
Near Soho's gayclubs.
Cleveland Squareused to be busy with street hookers but now days it's clean (2016).
As an ex-punter, having ”been there ,done that, and bought the t shirt,” and having wrung my tears from the t shirt, it would be irresponsible of me not to mention that you might be better off just getting a girlfriend. But if you don’t feel this is an option, well, few people have themselves straightened out completely throughout their lives. So if you're going to do it anyway (see a prostitute) here are a couple of options for a neophyte punter.
Go for an sleaze around Soho, the “red light district”! It's so cheap even if the punt doesn't go so well, it's not a great loss. And you can always go for a pint in the famous Coach and Horses afterwards (where Jeffery Bernard, Francis Bacon, and Tom Baker used to drink) or grab some cheap food in Chinatown.
The downside to Soho and “walk up” brothels (where you just turn up, you don't need an appointment) is that kissing is generally unavailable. In fact there's only one prostitute I 've seen in Soho who's done it ,but having said that, it was only ?10 extra (on top of her standard ?30 fee for sex and ?2 tip for the maid.)
I don't think I’m allowed to provide her details on Quora, but if you're interested ,have a look on UK Punting – Index specifically the “Soho walk up thread” in the regional punting/requests for info section under “London.” -She’s mentioned there, just look for reports of punters getting kissed. And have a look at this, for more info on Soho walk-ups, generally : Soho Walk Ups – PuntingWiki . Also, for a webpage which captures the atmosphere of Soho walk ups well, have a look at Soho Walk Ups.
(Btw, I personally don't agree with one answerer’s advice to be a “real man”, and to avoid UK Punting. Punting has very little to do with being a “real man.” If you want to be a “real man”, join the army, or take up a combat sport! It's a true side issue that there are some misogynistic posters on UK Punting, but this is really because punters are a subset of the general male population, a percentage of whom are misogynists, sadly. You don't have to post on the forum, anyway, you can just use the information.)
2. The other option I'd mention is using AdultWork . This is the best thing to do if you don't like the idea of going into a walk-up, or if you want specialist services (like BDSM) as well as sex.
Type in your requirements on the “search”tab. When you have found some prostitutes you think you might like to see, make sure, again, that you search UK Punting to narrow it down to ones with good reviews. (Type the prostitutes working name , or adult work references number, into the UKPunting search box.)
Adultwork is a valuable resource as a directory, but the feedback system is notoriously unreliable. Many advertisers lie about the services they provide, but punters using it are too wary of receiving bad feedback in retaliation to give a “negative.”
A couple of final pieces of advice.
Don't become a “regular” client of the first prostitute you see. If you see a few, it lessens the risk of you falling in love and/or becoming obsessed with one in particular. If this happens, if you're lucky, the prostitute will decline to see you again (fearing the creation of an unhinged stalker.) But if you're unlucky, she will go into “rinse” mode: One poster on an escort website I read said really smitten punters will just spend more and more money, on longer and more frequent bookings, until they have no money left.
Work out a weekly or monthly punting budget and stick to it. If you don't have a girlfriend, maybe think about how much you would be spending on going out with her instead if you did, and stick to that.

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